Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tackle subgroups

There might well be many different subtypes of stuttering diluting the experimental signal. Finding stuttering genes might not lead to cures, but they help to identify a subgroup. Doing brain imaging on such a gene subgroup should give a better experimental signal.


Anonymous said...

I told you that before but you never listened. You just went on and on and on about how important it is to search for a stuttering gene.

Tom Weidig said...

Wait, but I am still saying that genetics is important.

Just that finding genes will definitely not help finding a cure or a better treatment in the medium term.

However, genetics is crucial for us to understand the underlying neurobiological causes, and tease out subgroups. And in the long term (20 years) might help in treatment.

And, I never talk about there just being a single stuttering gene.


Anonymous said...


how many stuttering genes are there? (what do you think?)

Is there also a gene for cluttering?
(or genes)

If there are subgroups, then there should be different genes for different subgroups?

What happens when the genes work in combination?