Saturday, September 19, 2009

My evidence based intervention talk at BSA London 2009

Here are the slides from my talk on evidence based intervention talk. (apologies for several spelling mistakes, and the drug trial is not on 1000 but 300 people).


Anonymous said...

Is it PagAglone or PagOclone ?

Tom Weidig said...

It is Pagoclone. I always mess them up! Tom

Anonymous said...

The dirty tricks you listed. Thought Provoking.

Doesn't the McGuire Programme use it?

Use it to perfection?

What is the success rate of the McGuire Programme?

Unknown said...

When someones gives you medicine and you don't take it does that prove the medicine doesn't work? Is it thus ethical to propose McPro does not work when people don't do what it prescribes? Those who do it get better, those who don't, don't. That's like saying Aspirin doesn't cure headaches because those who don't swallow still feel pain. You have to take the medicine even if it doesn't taste nice.