Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Join the fight! Hunt Curers!

Bloodthirsty Leys Geddes is on the hunt against. This time it's against YouTube videos claiming a quick cure for stuttering. We need to fight the curers, those evil people who put up promises of cures. The curers are our enemy. I am all for free speech (as you can see from my leaving nearly all comments on my blog undeleted!). So let's follow our Dear Leader in flagging the cure videos and leave a message of warning to fellow stutterers.
Tom, since we at the BSA - and you too - have been cracking down on those misleading stammering treatment claims, featured in advertisements, mainly on Google, a lot of these snake oil salesmen have migrated to YouTube, whey they seem to be allowed to make all sorts of claims, and no one is doing anything about it. So, as a part of our International Stuttering Awareness Day celebrations, we are encouraging our members to take action. But, even if your readers are not a member of the BSA (yet), they can still join in.

Examples of these misleading videos come up if you search on YouTube for phrases such as ’stammering cure’ or ‘stuttering cure’.

To help YouTube understand that videos advertising a stammering cure should be taken down, click the 'Flag' link below the relevant video. When you click the link you get a drop down menu. The most appropriate flagging option is usually 'Spam', then choose the 'scams/fraud' option. Use this when, for example, the video is a blatant ad for a treatment for which there is no supporting data.

Alternatively - or even additionally - you could post a comment on videos making doubtful claims, by simply saying, for example: "This claim is misleading. There is no instant cure for stammering."

You might also come across videos which show the, er, 'mickey' is being taken out of someone who stammers. In these cases you might want to flag them as 'Hateful or Abusive Content' - 'bullying'.

For more information, see http://www.stammering.org/adverts.html And happy hunting!


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Anonymous said...

Leys is BACK, and he's not happy.