Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pagoclone trial (registration) ended?

A reader sent me the following email:
...I went in for the trials. I'm on X and they told me I could not join the trials till I was 4 weeks from my last dose. ... They told me the trials would continue for several more months so I could go off it slowly. ... Two weeks in slowly going off it, they told me the trials have prematurely ended, and I should get back on my medication. I asked them when it will be available on the market, and they said they would get the head guy to call me and tell me but he never did. They basically said the trials were 'going so well' that is the reason they were discontinuing them early.
I am puzzled at what this means. It is most likely that they have a record number of participants and don't need any more participants. I would not be surprised. Or may they just closed one site? But I doubt they stopped registration because it was so sucessful in efficacy.

Did others experience similar?

(I just listened to a podcast on StutterTalk.com and Jerry Maguire said that enrollment has stopped on most sites as numbers have been reached. The blind trial goes for 8 months with intermediate measurement points. So assuming the last patient was enrolled on May 1st. The last measurement should be in 7 months (in November) plus 2 more months evaluating speech samples plus 2 months stats. So the final results should be there in about a year. Of course internally they will know the analysis of the intermediate measurements probably after the summer. So maybe we can expect preliminary public results in November.)


StutterTalk said...

Hey Tom,

StutterTalk spoke with Dr. Maguire a few days ago on May 9. Dr. Maugire said that most or all of the sites quickly met their enrollment. We plan on publishing the episode later today.


JJ said...

You gave Bobby Bodehamer the Crackpot award on Sunday, October 28, 2007. Is he still deserving of the award?

He is giving a workship: https://www.z2systems.com/neon/resource/nsa/File/Workshop-listing.pdf

At NSA this summer, do you think he will accept your Award if you or someone give to him.


Anonymous said...

I was not allowed to participate because I didn't stutter enough during the videotaped speaking portion. Aggravating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anyonymous, so you should have "stuttered" during the videotaped speaking portion.

So a true stutterer was excluded from the experiments. Only those who showed enough stuttering, or stuttered more in front the camera/public were included.

Flawed Scientific experiment??

Eric said...

I, too, wasn't accepted because, as it goes, I didn't really stutter at all that day. I had maybe 1 or 2 blocks. When I stutter, I know it is going to happen, and I just get 'stuck'.

So, unfortunately, that isn't as easy to determine and quantify, so I didn't qualify.