Sunday, May 10, 2009

The first German on blogosphere

A stuttering friend of mine, Blanka Koffer, has started her blog. She writes history as a profession and in that her blog is the first German blog. It is called Stottern usw. (which means Stuttering etc.). I suggested she adds a picture of her, and she promised to do so. And I told her not to fear speaking out her mind. Unfortunately, that is exactly what she did, and she started off by disagreeing with me! How unloyal can you be? :-) If you can understand German, I recommened her blog.


JJ said...

No I do not read German.... :) Too bad


What is the theory behind why people stutter less/do not stutter when speaking with an accent?

Can understand the reasoning behind singing and whispering, but don't quit understand fluency enhancement with accent or alone?

Blanka Koffer said...

still avoiding, still looking for the greatest picture of all, still...

anyway, thanx for letting people know ;)

hugs n kisses from berlin

Tom Weidig said...

People who stutter are most likely fluent because when you sing or purposefully speak with a foreign accent you are using a different pathway in the brain.


JJ said...

What is the different pathway called, do you know? (or does anyone know).

40-60 years ago, speaking with an accent was used in therapy. Just like singing...

Using word substitution as a the client/child does not get teased or suffer the negative social consequences of being a stuttering freak? Yes or NO?