Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ISAD 2008

Check out Judith Kuster's online conference. With many good quality and no quality discussions on stuttering, research and treatment.

I have already posted a comment to Susan Block's article What clinicians should know to avoid the spreading of that myth Lidcombe should be used:
You are writing that "Current research indicates that the Lidcombe Program should be the treatment of choice for young children who stutter (Jones et al, 2005; Lincoln & Onslow, 1997)." This is misleading 1) It implies that Lidcombe is better than other early interventions. However, Lidcombe has never been tested against other forms of early intervention in a random control trial. It could well be that ANY intervention has a similar (or no) effect. There was only one pilot trial by Francken in the Netherlands and there was no difference with demands and capacity. She is currently conducting a large scale study between Lidcombe and DC. 2) You only cite the Jones 2005 article, but there is a follow-up paper from this year with long-term outcome. Three children have relapsed and many kids were not contactable any more. The sample is close to the natural recovery rate, not to speak 3. The study of Jones 2005 is questionable and has statistical and methodological flaws: wrong statistics, no long-term control group, and more. I think clinicians should know these facts. Evidence based practise is important but should be based on WELL ESTABLISHED evidence.

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