Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is coming up?

Not much is happening at the moment. Here are a few future events that should happen at some point. In genetics, Drayna's team is still working on tracking down genes in stuttering families and the stuttering population. I would expect results within the next year. In brain imaging, we should soon hear more from Ingham and Fox's team, and the groups in Oxford (Watkins) and in Paris. And the Finish group with new scanning technology. And others. And in treatment trial, Franken's group is comparing Lidcombe and an alternative, demand and capacity treatment. They have now 66 kids registered and are going to 100 or more I believe. But it will take more than a year before the first results I would guess. Then Ingham's group is also running a trial on their treatment for adults. And Onslow's group is running a study on kids before they start stuttering.

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