Tuesday, October 25, 2005

KST Day 10-13: Tom's twin brother

The last days have been filled with excercises aimed at practising the learned techniques in realistic speaking situations.

Saturday was the information day of the KST. The idea is to invite the families of the participants and people who have voiced interest in the therapy. Every participant had to introduce him/herself and talk a bit about the past days. Videos from before therapy were shown. The differences are really striking, but of course the yard stick is the long-term success. I saw my video from three years ago, and I stuttered quite a bit on the phone: long and intense "ehhhhhhh"s. But during the presentation I was fluent. I was speaking using gentle onsets and I slowed down. It went quite well. I even made the audience laugh as I told them that the person who they saw stuttering severely was actually my twin brother!! It is not me. I am not a freak :-)

On Sunday and Monday, everyone had to go home and explain to their work colleagues or class mates what they had been doing in the therapy. The feedback was mostly positive, but some family members did not like the new way of speaking of the participants. The idea at the KST is to speak in a new way at least in the beginning to speak without symptoms and slowly mix it with natural speech.

Today (Tuesday) everyone was back in Kassel, and we prepared for a talk that everyone is giving in front of a group of speech and language therapists.

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