Friday, October 28, 2005

Franz's claim for fame

The traffic to my blog has constantly increased since the beginning in May. There are also more people who comment to me on my blog. One of them is Frank Jassens, but everyone calls him Franz. He had the audacity to complain that I had never mentioned his name before in the connection with the KST!!! So this post is for you, Franz!

Franz has done the therapy 3 years ago, and now works as a therapist and project manager for the KST. He now speaks very well without any apparent symptoms to me. I have not known him before therapy, so I cannot judge the severity of his stuttering before. But his video before therapy is quite infamous for its pronounced secondary symptom which was quite situational dependent. I am always curious to ask why people think they have become more fluent. Franz said that he has consistently used the speech techniques over several months after the therapay, and it just went away...

This post would be incomplete without mentioning the true love in his life: his "Schaeferhund" or German sheperd dog. :-) I always see them together. They fit so well together, also colourwise... He also has a girlfriend, but I havent really met her yet! ;-)

If you also want to complain that you have not been mentioned on my blog, please send me an email. I would be delighted to write a post on you!!!!!!!!!!

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