Thursday, October 13, 2005

KST Day 1

I spent most of the day as a patient, and practised the fluency shaping techniques on the bio-feedback software, Flunatics. As I had done such practise for a whole year three years ago, I reached a very good level within a day. I think my major challenge is to use it during normal speech. But I think/hope it will be much easier than 3 years ago.

Concerning the KST evaluation project, I didnt have much time today, and only spoke briefly with Alex, the founder of the therapy. But I was chatting to several therapists and patients informally. I also listened to myself, and my old memories and thoughts on which part of the therapy I find useful and which I dont came back. The real problem is really that everyone has (good) ideas, but it is just too chaotic. There is a real need for project management and define processes to collect, analyse and takes decisions. What I will do over the next days is to write out all the important dimensions of a therapy compoments and evaluation. Here are some example: Cost-benefit ratio, crucial for therapy or not, long-term effect with training?, explanation of usefulness and more. I also have to look closer at what success is, and which dimensions may exist, e.g. greater fluency, less avoidance, fewer effort for maintenance, etc.

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