Monday, March 31, 2014

Stuttering: a short animation film

Check out Bertrand and Timmy's animation film about stuttering. I met them at the Antwerp stuttering conference.

Let me know what you think, and help the creators with your feedback!

5 comments: said...

Thanks for the short film. I tried to download the short film. But, it is a dash file. sometimes, there is problem with download. Even if it is downloaded, it could not be run from any of players. Kindly guide me. Devarajan

Richard Harkness said...


This is the most accurate and well-done educational video (for both stutterers and nonstutterers) I've seen. It leaves out extraneous psychobabble and correctly illustrates the brain basis of stuttering--a neurologic dysfunction that interferes with the normal transmission of speech production signals to the speech articulators (muscles). Highly recommended. Thanks for posting.


Alida Engel said...

Thank you Tom for sharing. I can' trait to let the NSA group that is meeting here tomorrow night to see it.


Alida Engel said...

I just want to say more clearly, last message, typos and all, ran away from me, that the NSA meeting will appreciate this well written animation as a jump of for the meeting.

This is definitely a keeper as an educational tool for all ages.


Anonymous said...

This video is really nice. I wish everyone would watch this.