Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tim Poe: Not stutterer but mental issues??

And the story continues... He is apologizing for his lies, but insists that he did not lie. Does he have a mental disorder making it difficult for him to distinguish between reality and lies? Or is he just putting on a show?? He didn't seem to stutter in the interview either.


Sandro said...

If I talk while I'm crying, I also do not stutter.

Anonymous said... sorry......GUESS WHAT UR FULL OF SHIT!!

Anonymous said...

he is a stutterer its obvious, you know that we stutterers have bad and good days, that explains his fluency during interview. and we stutterers make up stories to cover our stuttering every day in every situation, There are people who hides their stuttering from his family for years and this guy just went further and he did it on T.V. If i was him i would tell the truth .I feel sad for him really and one more thing i believe nobody can fake stuttering, because stuttering is not just talking non fluent, it is much more than that real stutters have anxiety, frustration which reflects on behaviour. And that you can not fake

joeri said...

I do here stutters in the interview, you guys really don't? They sound more real compared to the ones in the talent show.

Mental issues seem to be the case :)

Fun discussion: can someone who doesn't stutter sound/look like a person who stutters? I vote: Yes

Katherine said...

Tom - I've been following your blog for a while and wanted to reach out. I'm a huge fan of what you do and love the voice that you bring to the whole stuttering discussion. It is also brilliant to hear about another Durham alumni. I was at Hatfield and graduated in 2005!

Pascal NL said...

If he really was in the military... he probably had some traumatizing experiences. Wouldn't be the first ex army dude to lose his mind after reentering society.