Monday, November 01, 2010


Please please please please please sign the petition against an Indian movie that ridicules stuttering.

Go here for the on-line petition of the Indian Stuttering Association.

And please spread the link all over the stuttering sphere!


Satyendra said...
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Cesar M. said...


Fighting against something just makes it worse, more apparent. Let's focus on being proactive and not reactive as PWS. Also, let's each clean up our own souls before condemning others. Being PWS does not make us good.

Cesar M.

Satyendra said...

TISA does not see its campaign as a "Fight against this or that"..We see it as an opportunity for education; Education for everyone- for us, for the film makers and for the film watchers.
Neither do we see it as a "Holier than thou" act. It is just telling others that a large number of fellow Indians, do not like / approve of the portrayal of stammering in this movie. Movies are made for viewers. We too are the viewers. We are just giving feedback- using whatever means we have at our command.
If artists and creative people have a "freedom of expression"- certainly it extends to us too. Or are we supposed to keep quiet just because we stammer?

eric948470 said...
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