Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Participate in research project

A student needs participants for his project on Adults Impressions of Private Therapy for Stammering
I am a final year undergraduate student studying speech and language therapy at DeMontfort university, Leicester UK. I have put together a small website www.researchstammering.com, so that I may collect information from adults who stammer, on the types of private therapy that they have undertaken from the age of 18 years. ....

The research is conducted through a questionnaire that should take no longer than 15mins to complete. It can be accessed at: -

Questionnaire: www.researchstammering.com/questionnaire.html

If your followers wish to read additional information regarding the project, they may do so through the following links: -

Home page: www.researchstammering.com
Guide: www.researchstammering.com/guide.html
Results: www.researchstammering.com/results.html
Contact: www.researchstammering.com/contact.html

If you have any concerns or feedback regarding the project please contact me at the address below as I would be more than happy to take your advice on-board.

Yours Faithfully

Rodney Ferguson
Speech and Language Therapy Student,
DeMontfort University,
Leicester, UK
Email: rodneyferguson@researchstammering.com

If you would like to have the details of this research authenticated, please contact my university tutor on the details below.

Dave Rowley
Speech and Language Therapy
DeMontfort University
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Hawthorn Building
Leicester, UK
Email: dtr@dmu.ac.uk

The current project has been approved from DeMontfort University Ethics Board 18th October 2010.

Please note: I am one of two students from DeMontfort university who is using the www.researchstammering.com domain to conduct research.

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Rodney Ferguson said...

A Big Thank You!...to everyone who has filled out the questionnaire. Your comments have been warmly accepted and I really appreciated the time you have given to my research. I have also taken special note of the suggestions that many of you have made.
I find it very humbling to read your thoughts and opinions that you have contributed to my research and hope to be of greater benefit to this important field in the near future.
Kind Regards
Rodney Ferguson
DMU Speech Therapy Student UK