Thursday, November 25, 2010

Please support Beth's research project!

Beth Harris asks for your support:

I’m a 4th year speech and language therapy student from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. I’m doing research for my final year project on how often stuttering occurs alongside abnormal involuntary movements. Due to your position within the stuttering community, I was wondering if you could post a link?

The questionnaire has been granted ethical approval by the ethics committee at my University. Everything is anonymous and takes only five minutes to fill out.

This is the questionnaire.


Burk said...

Hi, Tom and Beth-

I would like to suggest another interesting angle for this kind of research. That is to more widely ask whether there is a correlation between poor hand-expression skills and stuttering. Some questions might be- how good are you, compared to others, at playing the piano? At touch-typing? How good is your hand-writing? For me- bad on all fronts, and there might be a deep connection.

But all is not lost. I also find that my general reflexes are extremely fast. I am first off the block at every intersection. My ping pong skills are pretty good. So there is something about quick reflexes/responsiveness that may be a neurological tradeoff vs the kind of measured output flow that characterizes speech, writing, typing, etc.

Tom Weidig said...

There are studies showing that multi-tasking is less good in people who stutter.

Oh, and add me to the blog you follow! ;-)