Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The pseudo-evidence of Shenker

I am sick of Rosalee Shenker's claims of Lidcombe wonders. She might be a nice person and a dedicated clinician, but she is a wannabe researcher with fuzzy thinking.

If you check the website of her Montreal centre, you will read
For example, the Lidcombe Programme for Early Intervention in Stuttering has been credited with eliminating the progression of stuttering in preschool aged children within a mean 11 clinical hours, with fluency being maintained for periods up to 4 years.
 and further
Studies have shown that stuttering can be maintained at near zero following treatment.
These statements are misleading. If she were not a pseudo-researcher with fuzzy thinking, I would even accuse her of deliberately lying to parents of children who stutter.

Check my post on the follow-up study of Lidcombe: here and here. Even this flawed study shows the relapse. In which dream world do they live?

Again, Lidcombe might at best modulate stuttering and psychosocial adaptation to stuttering, but not more. But other treatments might well do the same.


Satyendra said...

Yes, I think, "Professors" are trying to be politically correct or something of the sort.. on this question of Lidcombe. This reminds me: in medieval Europe, in spite of much progress, the idea of "round earth" could not come into its own for many centuries, just because the authorities (Church and State) did not have the grit to go against the conventions of the time..

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see if the Professors and Research Experts at the ISAD Professional's Weloveeachotherfest will respond to the StutteringBrain's most interesting questions...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Shenker has done more for stuttering more than you can ever dream of....what have you done for PWS. Shenker has helped millions of CWS and parents.

Stop attacking her, Lidcombe is good for CWS.

sachin is just an old butt kisser!!!

tom, you have homies

Because you got no Love from Mark Onslow, now you are stalking Shenker, get a life

Tal said...

ANonymouse: why don't you address Tom's arguments?

Anonymous said...

What choice do we have today. What choice do parents of children who stutter have today in the year 2010? Parents can't wait.

No treatment or Lidcombe treatment?

What if you had a child who stutters? What would you do?

What is a better alternative for a child who stutters? Are you willing to take any risks?

Terry said...

Tom, as a man of science with experience in research (you, not me, just to be clear!) I want to know - in your opinion, what would be the most appropriate study design for determining if the Lidcombe Program is an effective treatment or not?