Monday, October 04, 2010

Dr. Patricia Zebrowski is a brain

I just listened to StutterTalk talking to Dr. Patricia Zebrowski. I am impressed by her lucid and intelligent insights into stuttering treatment. It is such a pleasure to listen to a clinician who is not fuzzy in thinking, and actually gets to the core of issues. They talked about common factors in adult stuttering treatment. She also proposes running a trial to look at the impact of therapists while keeping the technique constant. But here she is stretching her expertise and intuition area. Such a design is just not feasible in real life.

In the same pod cast, Peter takes on the Catholics: many kids at his old school told him that they accept stuttering as God given. In Luxembourg, we are also Catholics, kind of. More by name than by substance. But I can assure him that we do not blame stuttering on God. Of course, in a sense stuttering is imposed on us by nature. We are born or developed into a person who stutters.


Satyendra said...

Giving credit to God for good things- and the blame for "bad" things to nature (or Satan) does not seem logical to me. Where does nature (or even Satan) come from? Obviously from the same source. I know some people will be shocked. But God is the original cause or source for everything- my stammering included! He is also source for my determination to help myself, my equanimity to accept my stammering in the same light as my fluent moments..
Oh, temptation was too strong- to sprinkle a little Eastern wisdom on this blog, which I have always liked so much!
thanks for the opportunity..

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in listening to how your friends, the Ingham's, would view what this U of Iowa researcher says on this podcast. Could you get Stuttertalk to have the Inghams on?