Thursday, November 19, 2009

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An eager thought left unspoken
Of a blank mind waiting for it to be spoken.

Dreaded light vowels
following the letter l
straight into the wall.

Stutter with love!
Pause comfortably!
then Move on with elan!

we listen, think, pause and stutter
we all have voices that matter

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
Winner Winner, I st st st stammer

Tiger, Tiger, so good with a putter
is it true you used to stutter

Wit masquerades as a fool,
After he opens his mouth.


Anonymous said...

after the arrow after 'Vote here' there is nothing.... ????

Anonymous said...

winner winner tom is little chicken

Norbert @ BSA said...

It's a stitch-up, clearly....

Anonymous said...

Vote for Tiger !!!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright
I dont stutter during the night

Another classic from the Tiger poem author...i.e. me!

Where's my prize?

Anonymous said...

I was just going to leave 2 blank lines and say it was a "silent block" poem !!!