Monday, February 18, 2008

The Stutter Blog

Here is a new blog called TheStutterBlog. Most posts talk about stuttering research. Here is one I found interesting:

A study released by the University of Canterbury, Department of Communications and Development, suggests that stuttering in young children may not be linked to any kind of personal anxiety.

By measuring the cortisol (a hormone linked to anxiety & stress) levels in the saliva of children ages 3 and 4 years old, researchers found no higher levels in the children who stuttered versus those who do not.

According to Bianca Phaal, the masters student who recently completed the study, “Results of this study suggested that generalised anxiety and communication apprehension are not associated with early childhood stuttering, therefore it is unlikely anxiety is the root cause of stuttering”.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Have you read indevous most recent release (on Feb 15) which mentions pagoclone? What do you think?
Hope you can comment on it...

Anonymous said...

Indevus licensed exclusive, worldwide rights from Aventis SA for the manufacture, use and sale of pagoclone, currently planned for development to treat stuttering disorders. In exchange, the Company paid Aventis a license fee and agreed to make certain additional payments based on Aventis' intellectual property, or if sublicensed under Aventis' intellectual property. Under the terms of its agreement with Aventis, Indevus is responsible for all costs of developing, manufacturing, and marketing pagoclone.

Can someone translate the above? :-)