Friday, February 08, 2008

Dying a silent death?

Indevus, the owner of Pagoclone, has just disclosed their financial results without any mention of Pagoclone. It is now getting more likely that Pagoclone is dying a silent death rather than being sold to someone else to cover the expenses of a Phase III trial.

Here is the CNN article. You notice that Indevus talks a lot about other drugs but no mention of Pagoclone.


O said...

It doesn't mean necessarily the death of pagoclone. Indevus don't speak about it because they're waiting for a partner.

Tom Weidig said...

Yes, but the longer we don't hear anything the more likely they will not find a partner. I think many big companies are not 100% convinced about Indevus have found a partner by now? I think it is rather a border case.

Anonymous said...

Why don´t you send an e-mail to Gerald Maguire? He probably knows better than anyone what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom please send one to Gerald. Personally, I find it extremely disheartening to know how close we are to a potential relief to millions of us just to have the rug pulled out from under us. At least, that is how I feel.

Tom Weidig said...

The decision is made by Indevus and not Maguire and they said that they are in negotiation which does not say a lot. So it is clear to me that he is out of the loop, because he will certainly not be part of the negotiation which is about money mostly, apart from a few conference calls for advisory. He like another one else has to wait until we know more. He might get informed earlier but without doubt Indevus will want to make the public announcement.

I also want to dispute the notion "that how close we are to a potential relief to millions". If that is really true, rest assured Indevus will find a partner. I think the issue is that it is not clear at all that that's the case, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I wrote to the Director of Communications Sunday and receive this response today. No real news but I wanted to share.



Thank you for your recent inquiry. Indevus has brought pagoclone through Phase II clinical testing. Since the product is no longer in our core focus area, we have decided to secure a partner to bring the product through the remainder of clinical development and into the regulatory process. We are currently in partnering discussions. Unfortunately, at the present time, the product is not available and other than the open label portion of the previously conducted trial, it is not available.

For updates, please visit our website,, or feel free to contact me at any time.