Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New book by Prof Ingham

Roger Ingham has edited an interesting new book on neuro-imaging in communication sciences and disorders, which is very much in the same spirit as this blog, namely that neuroscience (and genetics) have given scientists new tools to explore and better understand stuttering. Here is the book cover text:
There can be little doubt that the huge developments in brain imaging technology over the past 15 years have opened up a whole new vista of possibilities for the assessment and treatment of human communication disorders. At issue of course is whether those possibilities are being realized and what form of influence this will have on the field speech-language pathology and hearing disorders in the immediate future. The rate of development in neuroimaging is so rapid that it is almost impossible to predict very far into the future in trying to understand this influence. Nonetheless, it is now becoming clear that the availability of technologies that make it possible to investigate, even in real time, the neural regions and systems that are functionally related disorders is having a transforming impact on the discipline. In this series we have brought together some of the principal researchers in our discipline and who are working at the "cutting edge" in applying neuroimaging to communication disorders.


leon said...

As a student of Business Administration, I had the priviledge of following some lectures on Neuroeconomics a while ago. The professor, who stuttered from time to time, was a very interesting person and we talked about stuttering and neuroscience after the lecture.

I read some of your posts and they are very interesting to say the least!! If you think it's ok, I can make a link from my fresh and new to yours:

I hope you can find the time to take look at my blog from time to time :)


Anonymous said...

I had Dr. Ingham and his wife as therapists a few years back, and it was a waste of time. Money? yes. Results? No.

Al B.

Anonymous said...

The Inghams...Now there are some experts in torture, er therapy. Must have got their training from Mengele...


Anonymous said...

What would Ingham know about neuroscience?