Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My 2008 posts

I am sorry that I haven't been posting for 2 weeks. Here are a few posts that I am thinking of writing about.

- the best research published in 2007.

- my predictions for 2008.

- that small defects can lead to big effects.

- Barry Guitar's book that I am currently reading and the things I disagree with, especially on environment and temperament.

- follow-up on the Zyprexa case study.

- any new research published.

- more focus on the importance on secondary symptoms

- the relevance of the Valsava mechanism

- looking into whether I can reycle some old but relevant posts, because readers rarely read the older posts.

- more on genetics and whether they say something about environmental influences.

- my suspicion on temperament being important in childhood stuttering.

- watching out that the Lidcombe people don't oversell their approach with flawed studies.

- computing the probability that a child who just started stuttering has a younger sibling born at the same time.

- the study that will compare between Lidcombe and demand and capacities therapy approach.

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

--computing the probability that a child who just started stuttering has a younger sibling born at the same time?

Wouldn't that be coincidental? Like the immunizations as a cause of autism, these things just happen at about the age a child shows symptoms of stuttering (or autism?).

This was definitely not the case in our family.

Tom Weidig said...

Hi Lynn,

that's exactly what I want to do. To show this it is quite likely that birth of younger sibling and onset of stuttering occur at about the same time.

Many argue that birth of younger sibling can trigger onset of stuttering.


Adrian said...

Tom, I vote for a post on your thoughts on valsalva.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom
I am very interested in your trial study with Zyprexa. Are the positive results lasting and what are the side effects doing. would be very helpful to have a regular updates.
Thank you so much for your fantastic blog!