Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trying out medication: Week 10

Here is the week 10 update from one reader who is trying out Zyprexa (Olanzapine):
It's been 10 weeks since I started on the Zyprexa and so far I am a fan. I had the blood tests at week 6 and there were no elevated levels, so that was a relief. I increased from 5mg to 10mg at week 6 and the sedation effects kicked in but are now waning again, so thats a relief. I have gained around 10 pounds in weight, however I have been less active over the last 3-4 weeks, so I am sure that if I had been more commited to an exercise plan, the weight gain would have been less (very busy at work)

With regards to the speech - most if not all of the secondaries have gone, no more twiches and facial contortions which is a relief. I find that my anxiety about speaking situations has reduced and as a result I dont worry about rearranging my words in advance. Most of the "well", "actually" and "you knows" have gone to assist with the onset of speech - things seem clearer now. I would say that my speech has improved by 80% and with any remaining blocks, I can 'plow' through them easier with less struggle.

So far, I am a fan, and according to my doctor, the full benefits will not be evident for another few months.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very interesting! - Would you (Tom) go on Zyprexa?

Tom Weidig said...

Actually, read my previous post. Holger Stenzel tried it out but it didnt work well for him.

Somewhere on my blog I talk about the conditions under which I would take it.

Unknown said...

I want to try Zyprexa. I want skip
visit the psychiatrist. What is the "safe" internet site to buy Zyprexa ?

Tom Weidig said...

Hi Moris,

I strongly recommend that you go to a doctor because s/he needs to monitor the side effects.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...


I agree with Tom, the side effects of the drug vary from person to person and you need to establish a "base level" and this needs to be monitored.

I see my family doctor every 6 weeks or so to get bloodwork done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I just wanted to ask you if you could post up some tips on how not to stutter. I don't want to use any drugs or anything.

Anonymous said...

is the person taking Zyprexa fall into the category of those who do NOT stutter when drinking alcohol or one of those that stutters MORE when drinking alcohol? I ask because I think that it might be one of many indications of who would be more successul being treated with medication. Thanks.