Saturday, May 27, 2006

Were you a stuttering guinea pig?

If you have participated in the Pagoclone trials, I (and I am sure the other readers) would like to hear from you. Either leave a comment or send me an email. I can make the report anonymous on request.

Ideally the report should tell us about:
1. yourself and your stuttering before the trials,
2. about the procedures and your contacts with the trial managers,
3. about your experiences during the trial and comments by others on your speech.
4. whether you would continue on Pagoclone.

It is important that you only report what you have experienced and comments by others. If you also want to share your interpretation of your experiences, it is crucial that you clearly separate them from your experiences. For example: Instead of "I was more fluent while on Pagoclone", "I took the pills and soon after I felt that I spoke more fluent, but did not ask my wife or others for independent feedback. I am fairly confident that I took Pagoclone and not a placebo, because I felt differently and was less anxious. I also think that I truely became more fluent. So I associate my experience of greater fluency to Pagoclone."


Anonymous said...

i went thru the eight week program and i am now receiving the one year med supply.
does your blog have an agenda against this company or drug?
i have several comments about the program, but i want to see where your coming from first.

Tom Weidig said...

No, I have no agenda against the company or drug in principle.

My goal is to give an independent view on Pagoclone based on my experience on stuttering and background (PhD in Science).

I welcome other people's comments. SO please leave your comments. I can even put them on my front page.


Anonymous said...

anonymous - I am a reporter working on an article about the pagaclone trial and the effect the drug, if approved, could have on indevus. If you'd be willing to discuss your experience, please drop me an email at thanks!

chirri00 said...

When you came to Asturias(Spain)?? Let's know us...;-)