Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sex or fluency?

Recently I spoke about Pagaclone and how Indevus has registered the drug to reduce pre-ejaculation: see here.

But what is the effect on normal men? If Pagaclone delays ejaculation in pre-ejaculating men, then should not every men experience a shift in his typical ejaculation time. So normal men should have trouble to ejaculate, and man having trouble to ejaculate find it impossible.

So most stutterers might become more fluent, but experience problems with ejaculating / having an orgasm! So what is your choice? And, to the women, you rather have him stutter or ... ?

Of course, for stuttering pre-ejaculators the drug is absolute heaven: you become a fluent and a well-tuned sex god! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom.

Well, assuming Pagoclone will give us fluency... You know, I am not a black pesimist but, relating to stuttering, things migth very well be like this: we will continue to stutter with pagoclone, and we will experience sexual problems. Stuttering usually runs like that. Anyway, I will ask my wife.