Saturday, February 04, 2006

More intelligent?

I am virtually convinced that a well-designed experiment will NOT show any link between stuttering and intelligence.

The only arguments I could come up with that there should be a link are

1) IQ is partially due to the environment, and a person who stutters reacts different to an environment. But this could go both ways. For example, as a teenager he withdraws and reads a lot of book or works with computers. Or, for example, his stuttering hinders him from participating in class and he is turned off by learning.

2) Stuttering is sometimes part of serious development problems in kids which lead to mental retardment. This would drag the average IQ down. But they are not typical stutterers.

I think the two effects are negligible. And one can also argue that 2) should not be included anyway in the sample.

Why would there be a connection anyway? What has speech to do with intelligence? Also brain imaging studies mostly show abnormality in structure and function in speech and language related areas. IQ is mostly associated with the frontal cortex.


John MacIntyre said...

I totally think PWS's have more intelegents. ;-) ... I mean there's more to me than just good looks. ;-)

Regarding #1, I have a similar theory about rock stars. I think; you can only make it as a rock star if you’re ugly. Think about it, unless you're damn ugly when you're a teen, you're out with your friends ... not sitting in your basement playing guitar.

Rock on Mick Jagger & Steve Tyler! ... the world has profited from your ugliness! lol

Christopher A. Bailey, President and Owner of CABbie Legal Services, Inc. said...

Well, sir, I stuttered until around age 4, and my IQ is measured at 130. Guess I am the exception to the rule. In fact, I have heard that many who stutter or stammer have such static electricity going on in their minds that the intelligence quotient actually can in many cases, rise.

Anonymous said...

I stutter to a level of great severity until I was approximately ten years of age, and I continue to mildly stutter.

My IQ is 135.

I do personally have a minimal belief that stuttering in most cases can be linked to high intellect.