Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lost student

I am a bit stressed. And no time for longer posts.

I recently chatted to a speech and language therapist, and she complained about the futile nature of studying for an exam on stuttering. What is the point of studying stuttering if everyone gives conflicting answers and not clear advice for treatment?


John MacIntyre said...

SLP may be an in-exact science, but does that mean it's a waste of effort?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't every human accomplishment once undefined, without a clear process of achievement?

CAUTION: Motivational B.S. ahead.

Many endeavors are like hallways. Standing at the beginning of the hallway looking down, it doesn’t appear to be a way, to your goal. But as you walk down the hallway, you will find doors open that could never be seen if you didn’t start walking. Continuing to walk, and entering doorways which appear to take you where you want to go, you will eventually get there.

Or you can sit at the beginning of the hall for the rest of your life trying to plan out your route.

Or you can give up.

Einar said...

Was that more a chat or a flirt? ;-)
Just joking, but it's an open secret that speech therapists (mostly female) and stutterers (mostly male) sometimes end up dating each other... nananana ;-))
So stop chatting and get back to studying now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey, Im the lost student..I did get back to studying;-) and read a german book about stammering in childhood all day today written by a German speech therapist. I found this really informative....

Anonymous said...

hello, lost student again here, passed my exam:) just thought I let you know!
Bye J.