Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A letter from Africa

I received a letter from Dieudonn Nsabimana about an initiative on stuttering:
Background: Africa has a population of approximately 10 million people who stutter. Using the universally accepted incidence of stuttering What is the issue or challenge? Still now, People in Africa are not sufficiently informed about stuttering. Because of this lack of information, people who stutter are still mocked and humiliated. For now, almost all resources on stuttering are in internet in English language but 92% Africans people do not have access on internet And still now, there is also little information about any appropriate treatment for stuttering and almost, people who stutter in Africa, do not have access on stuttering therapy How we will solve those problems? AFRICA STUTTERING RESEARCH CENTRE have launch and have objective to promote research, to train Africans Speech & Language Therapists and to educate on stuttering in Africa About research, for moment a study on stuttering treatment from African Traditional Healers will be launched soon and a study of challenge and strategies on Telepractice in africa will be launched About stuttering treatments, Currently, Telepractice is only the therapy method that can be accessed by people who stutter in Africa. Call for applications Volunteer Speech & Language Therapists have launched and nine Therapists from America state have accepted to give stuttering therapy the PWS in Africa, first group will be treated stuttering, in this month of October About educate on stuttering issues in Africa, we have a project for translating, multiplication and distribution the many resources exist on stuttering For now we would like to translating, multiplication and distribution the fee books and brochures for America stuttering foundation The books and brochures will be translated in Swahili language. Swahili is most widely spoken African language. Swahili is spoken in 11 Africa countries and more than 120 million speakers. That makes Swahili the largest African language. Soon as possible we will be launched a fundraising campaign for raising money for translating, multiplication and distribution the books and brochures on stuttering in Swahili language, in 11 Africa countries What you can do for us: -You can interest Speech & Language Therapists in your community to be involved in research and stuttering treatment in Africa -When we launching our fundraising campaign, we would like that you can interest your community to be involved .fundraising campaign will be online fundraising on website Your contribution can help achieve a solution and I will be really appreciated all your great advice All the best, Dieudonne Nsabimana Kigali-RWANDA

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