Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Will she change her website?

Check out Ora's question relating to my post on the unethical marketing of stuttering therapy. He got a reply from Brenda Carey:
Ora, I do thank you for your helpful comments. I certainly did not intend to mislead, and will be changing the wording of my site and its address promptly (as soon as I have the tech support). Regards, Brenda Carey
As in politics, watch their actions and not their words. Let's wait and monitor the site. But as she writes, she needs to find another web address.

Thanks to the reader who made me aware of the website, and all others who supported my post and put ethical standards above sensitivities of a paid professional!


Anonymous said...

It seems like she has changed her site. It has the same design, but it says stuttering specialist instead of stop stuttering.

Ora said...

Looks like she already changed the address of the site. It's now http://mystutteringspecialist.com/

Anonymous said...

Yeah she did but check this out..

Google "How do i stop my stutter"
and u'll find her website first on the listing.

So Yes she put a redirector and changed the site but ...... you know what i mean. Either way she wins

Tom Weidig said...

Great! So that's the actions we were looking for. "Stuttering specialist" is a good title, and a fair representation of her professional qualifications.

I think it's also fine that she uses the stopmystutter.com to divert traffic to her site.

After all she IS a stuttering specialist and I rather want the clients to go to her than to a generalist or fraudster.

I'll write a post on Saturday and change the old posts as soon as I am back from my business trip to London.

Ora said...

Glad you're satisfied, Tom. I was afraid you were going to require her to do penance by standing barefoot in the snow for three days in front of Luxembourg Csstle!