Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ready to help researchers?

Researchers are always looking for experimental subjects: a resource and time intensive part of being a researcher. In February, I posted a call for volunteers from Deryk Beal: see here. His call is still active, so please if you can get to Boston and you stutter, let him know! Sending me your calls for volunteers or other causes makes sense as TheStutteringBrain reaches out to many worldwide:
Hi Tom

Thank you for posting our call for research subjects on your blog. As a result of your post at least 3 different people who stutter contacted to participate. It may not sound like much, but that is a large number of people considering that your post is free and originates in Luxembourg! One of those people was able to go on to complete both an experiment at MIT and later one at BU. Unfortunately the other two were not able to participate.

We are still actively seeking participants. We have currently recruited 11 PWS who have completed the study, over a 8 month period, but we need approximately 10 more PWS



Pascal NL said...

Experimental subjects for stuttering research, very interesting. I hope such research will also be conducted in Holland, maybe I'll participate ;)

Anonymous said...

Dam, nothing gets done in canada everything happens in the states. Would love to be a part of this but just live to far away. What kind of experiments are these? something like pagoclone?

Anonymous said...

i think it is fmri brain cure for stuttering and pagoclone is NOT a cure.

For pagoclone, email