Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am President of Greenhearts Toastmasters Club

I spoke about Toastmasters many times before, and what a great learning environment to face up to your speaking fears and develop public speaking skills. Ideal for the transfer and maintenance phase of an intensive therapy.

I am now President of Greenhearts Luxembourg Toastmasters Club. At first, I declined because I felt it was too much work. ;-) But then I realized that I should do what I fear, am uncomfortable with, or do not have experience of. Being the president of a club of 50 people is definitely a useful experience. On the organisational, behind-the-scenes, and running the committee side, I don't see much problems (so far). Also because my fellow committee members are all reasonable people. ;-) But I am not really a natural presenter when it comes to thanking everyone, being nice to everyone, only mentioning the good side, and so on. I need to talk at each meeting, and report on our activities. That's slightly different to preparing a speech and knowing it by heart.

So I challenge you to join Toastmasters or go into a new experience! What doesn't kill you makes you tough!


Olivier said...

Congratulations, Tom !

Hiten said...

Congratulations Tom! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations tom!!I hope this doesn't stop you from posting more often though, ive been along time reader of your blog keep up the great article findings and post!!

Anonymous said...

Any news you hear from your spy about the NSA Research Conference???

Any New News from Drayna and Mcguire???

Anonymous said...

this blog is dead