Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slate Columnist Nathan Heller stutters

Nathan Heller has made me aware of his article on The King's Speech in Slate. Nathan works there as a columnist, stutters himself, and is a fan of my blog!

If you want to hear an intelligent and insightful review on The King's Speech: check out his article.

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Pam said...

A friend posted his article on facebook and I read it last night! I thought it was one of the best articles I have read, because he actually questions and challenges assumptions, instead of just saying how wonderful the movie has been for stuttering.
On my own blog, I had posed the question, what happens when they forget? The articles written by real pws, for the most part, are much stronger than reporters who are hurriedly reading other media reports on stuttering and don't fully get the huge life impact stuttering has for us!