Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Another article on the King's Speech

A reader asks me to post this link to an interesting article (apart from the science part which is not wrong but very fuzzy.)
You are an inspiration and a hero to the stuttering community, and a
role model for children who stutter. PWS trust you to be independent,
fair, and not influenced by anyone.

You showed that PWS are not hopeless victims, but smart and driven.
You have hundreds if not thousands of loyal readers who support you
and thank you. But you also have a few enemies.

There is a article written by a female PWS (I am not sure she knows
much about the causes of stuttering, the way she explained it sounded
fishy to me). Can you post this on your blog.

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JD said...

hey,,i 'd just like to say that you have inspired me to write about stuttering and i'v started my own blog for,,,,check it out,,,,