Saturday, February 05, 2011

The real king's speech.


My dear friend Einar has sent me this link on the king's speech. Georg VI clearly has a stuttering problem, but I must say that he is handling it extremely well. He has long pauses to give him time, and he only starts struggling a few minutes into the speech. Watch from 5:55 onwards, you see the time if you go Full Screen. Despite his hesitations and visible struggle at times, his performance is clear and strong. Not like my performance on StutterTalk or yesterday when I gave a radio interview to be aired on Monday.

I am nearly convinced Firth was also working from this video as the secondaries ressemble those in the movie.
But I must say that the stuttering is more severe in the movie than at this public talk. However, I can very well imagine that his stuttering was more severe at times, and at times he was fluent.


Anonymous said...

I have a comment on drug issue. I have been on Seroxat 20mg a day for the last 5 years, and I can say that my stuttering has reduced by 80%.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up what Seroxat was, it is called Paxil in the US. Your luck with an SSRI Antidepressant reducing your stuttering is not typical. Perhaps there is something else at work that is improving the speech.

Anonymous said...

I think paxil also reduces anxiety and social fobia. May I ask what drug is considered most effective to reduce stuttering?

Anonymous said...

Every person is different, and no drug is going to help every person. Some people may not be helped by drugs alone. Recently there has been a lot of buzz for using medication in the "atypical antipsychotic" class of medication. Search around google, many of these medications have had results in reducing stuttering in SOME patients.

Currently a medication called Saphris is being studied at UC irvine to treat stuttering. Saphris is typically prescribed for patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Several other medications in the atypical antipsychotic medication class have been used to treat some patients.

Paxil will work on the social phobia, but not stuttering. I also take a anti-depressant for stuttering, and it is very useful for reducing social phobia and anxiety, but it is not intended for reducing stuttering.

Do some research on the internet, and meet with your doctor to decide what is useful for you.

Anonymous said...

coming back to the topic of your post, tom, great! or thanks to einar who found that. will you write a post sometimes about the effects "the king s speech" does have on the english-speaking world? there s an impressing post on pam s blog about one evening on stuttering after one month of "the king s speech" in her area. a lot more people came... i m curious how it will be in germany as the movie starts just today. grüße, blanka

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

actually i want to ask very important question to me..

when you are alone nobody there.. do you stutter?? plz answer me!