Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We must get a text scroll into The King's Speech

That's what we are all afraid of, from Pam's facebook post:
A co-worker just came to me. She: "I saw The King's Speech last night". Me: "how did you like it?" She: "people may come away with wrong ideas, like my husband. He thought it was an emotional problem. I corrected him. Maybe there needs to be a dialogue about the myths".
Actually, I have a brilliant brilliant idea. We should lobby the producers to include a text scroll down on stuttering after the movie.

Three very simple messages STRAIGHT INTO THE MINDS OF MILLIONS!
Stuttering affects 5% of all children and 1% of all adults across all cultures.

Most stuttering has a genetic or neurological origin, and gets accentuated by strong emotions, stress, and mood.

There is no cure but good treatment reduces frequency and severity of stuttering, avoidance of speaking, emotional suffering, and improves self-esteem.
Of course, I am an idiot. I should have come up with this idea months ago! It might not be possible any more. Maybe for the DVD or foreign language release.

In any case, write to your association with the request!


Anonymous said...

At least a dialogue is starting on stuttering. It is quite the mystery outside of mainstream circles. I call it very positive news.

Daniele Rossi said...

Maybe for the DVD/digital download release?

Possibly add a DVD extra about stuttering - would be great if they could allow the BSA to publish the audio from their interview with Colin Firth.

pago.clone@gmail.com said...

This is a GREAT idea! Too bad you're late...

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife saw the movie recently and we think that there is no need to include any such text scroll at all. We did not get the impression form the movie that stuttering is an "emotional problem".

To date, the causes of stuttering are completely unknown.

Another alternative is to add a 5 minute segment after the DVD, with Mark Onslow and Ann Packman giving their words of wisdom about the state-of-the-art stuttering research ;)

Mark Power said...

I agree, Tom. Please see my press release:


Best regards,

- Mark

Mark Power, M.A. CCC BRS-FD
ASHA Board Recognized Fluency Specialist
Power Stuttering Center
1400 Quail St. Suite #252
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 552-5523
email: mpower@powerstuttering.com
web: http://PowerStuttering.com

Pam said...

Hey, glad I visited here tonight. Nice to see my face book post referenced. Not everyone who sees the movie will come away thinking stuttering is an emotional problem, but some might. And anyway we can educate even that one person, has done some good.
I was glad my co-worker came and told me what she ans her husband thought, and that she felt comfortable enough to do so.
To me, this means that I am modeling to my colleagues in a fluent work-place that I am OK with my stuttering, therefore they can be OK with it as well. I can educate people without doing anything out of the ordinary - just being myself and comfortable with that self.

Anonymous said...

I have concerns about Mark Power going to NSA conferences and the way he markets the Speecheasy device at the conference, showing off a very severe PWS and misleading PWS.

Mr. Mark Power also tells people his stuttering story and that he stuttered. The previous post is obviously an advertising campaign.
Mark, you are not a crackpot, but you are evil and greedy in my opinion....that is sad....

This comment is for Mark Power, not an attack, but I wanted to express my concern of a PWS making excessive unreasonable money (excessive financial gain) off another PWS who does not much about stuttering.

How much do you charge for your intensive 1 week (is it only 3-4 days) therapy program in California? You know that there is no cure for stuttering...

My friend told me you charge $2400 for 4 days of speech therapy in Southern California, isn't that excessive. That would be $600 per day? Do you actually work 1-1 with the client or is it group therapy?

I could not recommend you for stuttering treatment especially when there are better stuttering treatment programs (much lower costs, non-profit, have been published) such as the American Institute for Stuttering, and ISTAR.

Wouldn't the stuttering community agree?

Mark, you may have helped some PWS, but you charge too much (and your program is not even the best).

Finally, did George Shames (a PWS) charge you $2400 to help you with your stuttering problem???

How do you treat a PWS in only 4 days and charging over $2000 dollars.

People, check it out, and compare stuttering treatment programs. Shop around!

Anonymous said...

Mark, why did you leave such a long signature???

Why not simply sign Mark Power.

Mark Power must be really desperate and looking for potential clients on this blog. I guess the economy is bad and he is hoping to squeeze some more money out of stutterers.

Why would you go to Mark Power when there are other cheaper and more qualified SLPs out there. How can you treat stuttering in less than 1 week? This is a scam, don't fall for Mark Power's scams.

He is only commenting on this blog so he can advertise his website. What a disgrace.

This is shameless advertising by Mark Power, the press release was shit (check it out). Only 4 paragraphs and one paragraph was devoted to advertising.

This is his (long) signature....

Mark Power, M.A. CCC BRS-FD
ASHA Board Recognized Fluency Specialist
Power Stuttering Center
1400 Quail St. Suite #252
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 552-5523
email: mpower@powerstuttering.com
web: http://PowerStuttering.com

Anonymous said...

I went to one of Mark Powers' courses at a CSHA Convention in Long Beach. Just based on his lesson and handout, I used his therapy program to treat my students who stutter. When I had questions, I emailed Mark Powers and he answered my emails with free advice. The results based on 4 students varied from good to excellent. So, overall, I can say Mark Powers treatment ideas worked, and I did not spend much on the CSHA convention itself. I can't knock his plan, because it helped my students. I used his continuous phonation approach, did not use any devices. A lot also depends on the student's maturity level and ability to follow directions.
I'm sure that Mark Powers uses that signature on all of his emails and true it is an advertisement for people seeking treatment. But isn't that what it's about? I have no idea how much he charges and if he overcharges, but I do know for my experience through his session at CSHA, it has worked with my students.