Sunday, December 05, 2010

Apologies to John Harrison for deleting his comments

My apologies to John Harrison, and possibly others. Your comments went into my Spam Comments folder, and, instead of Not Spam, I hit the Delete button! I have moderation on for comments on posts older than 15 days, and comments with links sometimes go into the spam folder. And only check them from time to time.

I only briefly read through his defence of Bodenhamer, and would be happy to respond.

Can you please repost? Sorry, I know it was a rather long comment.


Anonymous said...

John Harrison was saying that Bobby is worth a listen? If they focus on the treatment of stuttering and don't try to correlate cause with how to treat it. Then it is OK

John Harrison once said that if you believe that the hate between the Muslims and the Jewish people were genetic....(they have been hating each other for 2000 years).

He was trying to compare it to stuttering when asked if stuttering was genetic. John is not a scientist and has no scientific background.

For those who said that John Harrison has no financial incentives in all of this....he does charge $50 an hour for individual telephone consultation....that was a few years ago.

John Harrison is not a speech therapist, but he is trying to treat stuttering and charging people who stutter for it. Providing misleading information is bad. But John and Bobby may have helped some stutterers, if PWS are happy with them....then perhaps okay. Brain washing can be helpful, just whatever makes the PWS happy and live a higher quality of life.

Most PWS do not care about what exactly causes stuttering, they just want stuttering to go away.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bodenhamer is an unusually handsome man, I think Tom realizes this and it doesn't know how to handle it.

Tom Weidig said...


I agree with most of what you say.

Except that Muslims and Jews only have opportunity to hate each other for the last 1350 years, because Islam was only spread around 650 AD!

He made a similar strange analogy with Serbs and Kosovo Albanians.

Tom Weidig said...


Yet again comments that don't address my arguments.

Anonymous said...

John Harrison is not an SLP but charges $75 an hour to work with stutterers in Califoria. Isn't this an illegal activity in the state of California?