Monday, September 06, 2010

Should Endo continue trial?

James Dunlap asks me to publish his request for a continuation of the Pagoclone trial. I am staying out of this. I am not sure a continuation makes sense on their part. I guess the key is whether there are subgroups who benefit and they can identify them. And with benefit, I mean beyond placebo, measurement bias, and fluke correlation. Overall, I am rather pessimistic.

I've been advised that it would be helpful for any current Pagaclone test
participants or any stutter who would like to participate in the testing of
Pagaclone to write (or preferably fax) the CDO of Endo Pharmaceutical ...

I'm providing the address below for anyone who believes they have or may
benefit from Pagaclone to make their voices heard in this decision. Once
the decision is made to shut down the project, it will be much harder to
restart the program. At this point I would suggest faxing a letter and
mailing a copy to the address below. Contact me if I can answer any
questions. Thanks. Jim.

David P. Holveck, CEO
Endo Pharmaceuticals
100 Endo Boulevard
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
United States - Map
+1-610-558-9800 (Phone)
+1-610-558-7699 (Fax)


Kerri Hogue said...

Of course a continuation of the Pagoclone clinical trial makes sense! This drug absolutely, positively worked for me. And I know I am not the only one based on the testimonials that are easy to find doing a brief scan of the internet. THIS DRUG CHANGED MY LIFE! Speaking was so much easier. My throat and chest no longer felt tight. I had confidence for the first time in my adult life.

I've really got to question how ENDO conducts its clinical trials. By the time ENDO came onto the scene, I was in the maintenance phase of the study, and other than making sure I was healthy, no meaningful speech measurements were taken. They had no interest in metrics from long time users. Why not? And even before that, when Invedus was in charge, during my sessions I was instructed to do a reading or to discuss something for a timed period which usually lasted maybe 5 minutes. Hardly a rigorous test! And they didn't do much to establish my baseline stuttering before I went on the medication. I don't know how the most current trial was run, but if it was anything like mine, how could they possibly gather proper metrics?

I will be sending my FAX to the CEO of ENDO and will tell them that they are doing me, as well and millions of other stutterers, a HUGE disservice. How dare they provide me with the help I'd been seeking my entire life, and then so coldly snatch it away from me.

Nadia said...

Totally agree with Kerri. I live in the UK and I probably can't participate in the trial but would send an email to show my support for further trials.