Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A reader visits the Stuttering Brain

Here is a picture with Ora from New York at the castle of Vianden in Luxembourg. Frequent readers might know him from his comments on my blog.

Ora and his partner Dan who is a Gestalt psychotherapist visited me beginning of September in Luxembourg. I showed them around Luxembourg-City and the castles in the countryside. We also visited the German border town of Trier, famous for its Roman remains.

Both are highly intellectual.We had lots of interesting debates: on stuttering, politics, psychotherapy, and they were so kind to rip apart my presentation for the book I am writing. ;-)

If you are ever close to Luxembourg, send me an email.

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Uri said...

Sorry I missed this one. Just catching up on your blog Tom.

Regards to you both - Tom and Ora.

Pic sure makes a Luxembourg trip enticing.

Say, if you're ever around Israel or NY, drop us an email!