Monday, March 22, 2010

The Chinese will explain stuttering

Check out the dramatic increase in Chinese research. They are overtaking us, and surely we will also hear more about stuttering from them.


Scott said...

In your experience and knowledge of this topic, what do you think explains this dramatic increase in their research? Is this a positive thing? Are you aware of any cutting edge projects that they are working on that we can get excited about, similar to Pagoclone or the genetic findings of late?

Anonymous said...

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Tom Weidig said...

1) Economic development.
2) Political development.
3) Entrepreneurial spirit to catch up with the West backed by a long cultural history.

I don't know any work on stuttering. The world congress was supposed to be in China but it was canceled.

Anonymous said...

Where is america, first?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Tom

Related to the total population of China, that`s not a lot 

However, the relative scientific impact of these Chinese manuscripts is relatively low. See this table, which depicts a country ranking of scientific manuscripts in the last 13 years.

Choose 2008 and look at the values for “citations per document”, which are closely related to the widely known “Impact Factors”.
The values for China are approx. 1/3 of the values of countries like US, UK, Germany and, ehm, Luxembourg. The Chinese values correspond to values found in Surinam, Swaziland and Guyana, for example.

I think there is a strong will in China to reach international scientific standards, however, this will take some years. Or decades.

Regards to Luxemburg,


Tom Weidig said...

Yes, the quality is often low but this will change. They have the drive to learn and to be better. And they will. After a century of lying low, they want to show the world what a great culture they are.

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree. But it will take a while to build the structures to reach top level in science.