Sunday, June 21, 2009

A reader told me about his experience with using an in-ear metronome:
Hi Tom,

I discovered that an "in-ear metronome" used by musicians improves my speech by about 50%. I bought the "mm-1 metronome" in a music store for 25 dollars! It is used like a bluetooth.

I put it in my ear, and I only have to do to speak at the rhythm of the metronome. Because the device has various settings: from fast paced to low paced. Thus you do not get used to it and is therefore more effective. But I found lower settings from 50 to 120 more effective. But it works fine with a setting of 70 or 65, too. Stuttering reduced to about 50% in one week and went down to 40% the next.

Before, I was not able to read without stuttering, and with the device I can read a whole page of a book, and stutter minimally like 2 times per page. &Past week I read for 15 minutes in front of my doctor and I didn't stutter once. (When I see a doctor, generally I turn nervous).

My interaction with people went from 25% (poor) to about 50%. Still I have ups and down, but the baseline is about 40%. I was able to order pizza, and leave phone messages. I am still not prepared to go to a drive, but with some practice, I think I will. I still stutter in front of authoritative figures with only 30%. I guess I need more practice and self-control

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