Friday, June 19, 2009

Lessons I have learned

Here is how I changed my mind on several issues over the years.

Tom2000: The brain is like a computer and there is a defect region for people who stutter.
Tom2009: The brain is like a big city and a deficiency might not be a deficit region but a disturbed  communication between regions (like a bad transport system affecting the efficiency of a city).

Tom2000: A gene is responsible for stuttering in some people.
Tom2009: 10s of different gene (combinations) can cause stuttering.

Tom2000: A cure might be possible once we know what causes stuttering.
Tom2009: The fact of knowing in which way our brain is messed up will not lead to a cure. A messed up brain is a messed up brain.

Tom2000: Better brain imaging and genetics will show us the problem in a clear way.
Tom2009: Better brain imaging and genetics will over-load us with data due to sub-types and reveal the vast complexity of the human brain.

Tom2000: Early childhood intervention is helping kids.
Tom2009: Early childhood intervention is not working (measuring just fluency) for any treatment. The brain is messed up full stop, and you cannot change the brain. At best can you help the brain to adjust behaviours.

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