Saturday, March 21, 2009

I won the Area Contest!

I won the Area Contest with my speech I had a dream! I became first of the first and second places from all three club contests in Luxembourg. So now I am off to Paris on April 18th... Again I did stutter during my presentation but my stuttering was more than compensated by other aspects like meaning, impact, delivery, and body language.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are a Champ. Practice and practice! You are a true inspiration for people who stutter.

See you at the International Convention, bring your gambling money.

Greg said...

That's awesome, Tom... This is something that you and you (alone) earned...

René said...

Hi Tom,

I had the pleasure to attend that Area Contest in Luxembourg as a guest. Actually it was my very first encounter with Toastmasters. Your performance was very strong indeed.

By now I'm a member of Mannheim International Toastmasters and recently had my Ice Breaker speech.

Your speech "I had a dream" is a major inspiration for one of my next projects. Thanks a lot and keep rocking!

Best regards