Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More fluency versus side effects

Here are some quotes from someone who tried Zyprexa:
"I am glad that I am off the weight has reduced and I feel more awake again......its funny how you can get used to feeling less awake/alert and for it to seem 'normal'....its only when you come off the drug that you realise how it affected you."

" hindsight when I was on the zyprexa I actually felt quite lousy....tired and probably lacking emotion to be honest, its only when I am off the drug that I can see how it really affected me."

"My speech did improve while I was on the drug, I cant get away from that fact, and thats not just a subjective view, my wife and others did notice the improvement, however the possible negative health benefits were too much......"


Anonymous said...

I'd give 50% of my net income for the rest of my life in exchange for an effective stammer medication/treatment.

Big Pharma just needs to hand me contract, a black pen and the wonder cure.

Anonymous said...

I tried Zyprexa as well with little to no benefit for my stuttering. I also found the side effects to be far to invasive..
Weight Gain, sloth,emotionally monotonality, impotence/delayed ejaculatory response..
Even if it did work on some level to alleveiate or cessate you stutter, you would be free too fat, lazy, emotionally disconnected and impotent to ever have a normal relationship.