Sunday, May 04, 2008

First donation!

Yesterday I received the first donation for TheStutteringBrain! It is good to know that someone thinks I am doing a good job and actually supports it with an action!


Anonymous said...


Great Blog!

Can you please try to explain how much money you need (expect) from your readers?

Suppose you have 100 to 500 serious readers. Should we divide 5000 by 100 so a person should contribute 50 every month, not a big burden per person.

Also taking into account: I mean, you get all the benefits. I do think what you are doing is very good...and people should support your blog and mission.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first donation!

How much did you (approximately)get?

How much do you expect per person/reader assuming the person is not wealthy and a normal working person who has to pay for housing, take care of family, and buy gas and food.

Tom Weidig said...


I have two types of expenses:

a) conference fees and associated travel and accomodation expenses.

b) opportunity costs i.e. the money I could have earned had I not spent the time writing my posts.

A is around 1000 euros a year.

B is harder to estimate. I would say 2000 euros a year.

Here is my reasoning: I probably spent at least 30 minutes per post writing and related activities like conferences, reading up and networking, so per week (assuming 6 posts) 3 hours. That's about 15 hours per month. So roughly 2 working days. So per year about 24 working days.

Now my opportunity cost is my day rate times 2, or 24/300 times year's salary. It now depends which rate you put in. I work as a consultant with a high day rate but few working days per year. So it is probably fairest to put in the salary of someone comparable that could run the blog. So I would go for the year's salary of a therapist or scientist. If I assume he gets net income of 2000 euros per month which is 24'000 per year multiplied by 0.08 (24/300), I get 1920 euros.

So I would say my replacement cost are 2000 euros to have a junior therapist /scientist doing it. But it would be much higher if I assumed I would work as a consultant instead.

So in total, I end up with 3000 Euros per year.

This would compensate my expenses, but of course I have high risk, no pensions, no healht insurance, job security, etc! :-)

Best wishes,

Tom Weidig said...

I leave it up to the reader if and what they want to donate.

I would say it also depends on your income. If you are retired and well-off, well you can give me 100+. Millionaires can give more!

If you just wanted to show your appreciation, you can give 20. The price of a dinner, or cinema twice.

Best wishes,

Tom Weidig said...

I got 20 euros for my first donation; the price of skipping a dinner in a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, I think most people would be willing to pack their lunch or eat at home (vs. eating out) to keep your excellent blog going. So don't be afraid to ask for money. There are some wealthy pws/readers out can argue whether money should go to BSA or NSA or to your blog...

20 euros x 100 donations is 2000 euros. Sounds reasonable.

Of course, if you are getting paid, then you have to be professional and be responsible for the quality. It is just a blog, but a good blog. A blog can have big big impact nowadays.

Anonymous said...

hey tom,

du hast doch genügend geld, um diesen wunderbaren blog zu machen!

spende doch das geld lieber an vereine, die seminare etc für die "emanzipation" von stottis anbieten oder mach einen fonds auf für leute, die sich s nicht leisten können, zu seminaren und stotti-treffen zu fahren.

ansonsten beste grüße aus berlin and keep up the good work