Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shameless advertising

This is just so bad and fits perfectly with what I alluded to in my tirade on media portrail of stuttering: see here.

I am wondering whether she is still using the device. Would be great to have her write a post on this! So if anyone knows her, let her know that I would love to hear from her.


Anonymous said...

Brutal. This is an excellent example of why the world is mislead about stuttering and the people who have it. It is also a cheap and underhanded ploy by the company to falsly present their device. 90%?? Show me one independent research study with such a result.

Adrian said...

This is disgusting. Yes, these devices do work in the shortterm, but have a tendency to stop working once the brain realizes it is being tricked. Someone with the youtube ID StutteringAid is peppering youtube with these displays. I presume it is Speecheasy themselves. The SLP claims the device has a 90% success rate, she should lose her ASHA certification for making such claims. Tom, you should do a youtube response to this garbage.

Jerome said...

One a sidenote, she's also showing the typical stutterer's paradox: When the guy asks her to read she blocks on the text but she can explain why it doesn't work, excuse herself, etc. That so reminds me of school ...

- 4000-5000 dollars??
- Why didn't she read the text with the speecheasy in her ear??
- it was indeed one big commercial
- I'd like to see the actual people from thet 90% statistics
- stutterers have phases like the girl's where they can just talk and talk and talk until somebody asks one precise, even easy, question and paff!! - They're blocking again.

Anonymous said...

There still seeemed to be some blocking and gasps of air while she was talking with the devise in.
The thing I think this clip highlights is how important the psychological element of stuttering therapy is and how she seems to not have had input in this area.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the girl on film. I have used the device for approx 2 years and have had fairly good results. It is still not perfect by a long ways. Using this in conjunction with therapy from the past makes life much easier for me. Mine did not cost me anything - I received it thru the state of rehabilitation.