Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sorry, I have been busy the last days preparing my US trip. I will visit LA, Orange county, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Boston, Storrs, Princeton, possibly NY on a day trip, and Bethesda near Washinton DC. Let me know if any of you wants to me up.

Re stuttering, I still want to reply to Greg's comments. I also was thinking that instability in speech systems (via genetics or neurological incident) might be a necessary condition but not sufficient condition to develop stuttering. For example, if you have fast-talker genes and you have an unstable speech system, you might develop chronic stuttering, because the system cannot handle the fast speech rate.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I don't have experience with blogs, I believe my comment would make more sense as a email than as a reply to an unrelated topic, but I couldn't find your email, so here it goes:

I'd like that you write a bit about neuropatterning. I just could find one reference: Richard Harkness. Unfortunately, he doesn't mention which bibliography he used for his research, and this makes me feel little confidence... it's like if he invented the word "neuropattering".

I don't like neurolinguistics (NLP), so I'd like to know if this neuropatterning has something to do with it. Thanks.