Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Subscribe to the Stuttering Brain

You can subscribe to my blog using RSS. Here is what you need to do. This is for the FireFox web browser.
As you read this, look at the address area (htttp://...), and you notice the orange symbol at the end of the address area. Click on the symbol, and you get to a page that allows you to subscribe to the feeds, click "Subscribe Now", and a link bookmark is added to your bookmark bar. If you click it, you can see all the past posts, and you can choose which one you want to read. Once you read one post, the symbol will change next to that post. Good luck! :-)


Anonymous said...

what cost?

Anonymous said...

OK--so it let me onto the live feed page, but there were no "comments section." Am I missing something?

I think what you've described makes sense of the cumulative effect of the medications/ fluency master has had with my son.