Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back from ISA / Live feeds

I am back from the ISA Congress from Dubrovnik (Croatia). I had a great time, and I will write more soon.

There is/was a live feed for the ISA Congress: here. I am not sure whether there are recordings of the key note speeches. If you know more, pls let me know.

Sorry, I wanted to post this information much earlier. By the way, the live feeds were done by Manfred. (I forgot his family name). Many thanks to him. This allowed people from around the world to be part of the ISA congress.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom for the preliminary feedback from the conference, I'm amazed you found time to write anything while you were there. When I went to the last one in Australia it was totally jam-packed day and night that there was no time to even write a diary all week! I'm looking forward to what else you heard and news from the research. Post soon.
haze x