Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meeting you.

I am currently in San Diego, and on Monday I will meet up with Tony, who is one of your fellow readers. It's quite cool to go somewhere in the world, and meet up with someone that has read / is reading my blog. I already met people in Zuerich (Gruezzi! (=greetings in Swiss-German), New York, and now San Diego. Now I remember that I also have readers in Madrid, and I was never there. So I should go there, too.


Wladimir Damasceno said...

Hey Guy, you have readers already in Brazil. I´ll link your blog on my. So, we could change some information about stuttering (gagueira, in portuguese). Sorry may bad english.

Tom Weidig said...


Nice to hear fro you.

What is your blog? I can link to it if you want me to?