Monday, January 01, 2007

1 million dollar donation for stuttering research.

Good news for stuttering research in general and Jerry Maguire's pharmaceutical research! Ludovich points to this article on a $1 million donation. Here is an excerpt:

A Newport Beach man who suffers from a speech disorder has donated $1 million to UC Irvine to support the work of a researcher who does pioneering research in stuttering, the campus says.

Granville Kirkup, who founded the telecom company Telmar Logistics, donated the money to UCI's Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. It will endow a professorship to be held by researcher Gerald A. Maguire, who also has experienced periods of stuttering.

Maguire has been using old and new drugs to attempt to control stuttering, an affliction that affects about 3 million Americans, or 1 percent of the population.

UCI says in a release that Maguire has treated Kirkup, which allowed him to "go on and build and later sell Telmar Logistics, a multimillion-dollar distributor of telecommunications products."


Anonymous said...

Excellent news. If more people like him would donate......

Anonymous said...

It´s great. The research at UCI is the most important in the present.
Grandville Kirkup had to support the olanzapine trials too.


About travelling in South Africa said...

Great News! It sounds rather strange that inspite of our modern technology till now no1 manage to find a REALLY effective medicine (method/gadget) for stutterers.


Granville Kirkup said...

Thanks for the comments. I hope that having a dedicated researcher like Dr Maguire will make a difference. I was on the Zyprexa and Pagoclone trials - Zyprexa was great for a while, but faded away. Pagoclone did nothing for me. I'm taking Abilify at present, which is working well. More research is needed though!

Anonymous said...

Back on this site with good news - there is somebody from Russian invented a gadget that really helps, just need time and practice: anti-stuttering gadget StutterStop.
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